CIO’s have the golden opportunity to help both the IT organization and the overall business not only keep pace with industry changes, but future-proof against heavy hurdles that may block their company’s progress.

In a recent article in CIO magazine, the first of these powers mentioned is finding the balance between Stop and Go – in others words, not investing in pilots without fleshing out the new technology on the maturity curve, or being attracted to the next shiny new technology without being able to weigh up the risks and consider the facts. A proactive CIO will reach out to work with the business to solve technology challenges while not holding the business back.

One of our clients, Liberty, puts this succinctly – you wouldn’t expect a pilot to fly a plane without telemetry so how can you expect the CIO to steer the organisation’s digital transformation journey without reliable insights and metrics. One of the key futureproofing powers for a CIO is the ability to gain competitive advantage through data analytics and intelligent monitoring, whilst continuing to reduce costs and realise efficiencies.