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Is it every year that we hear this, or is 2019 going to be the one? Forrester Research has just released research to say 2019 is the year the executive in charge of the organisation’s IT strategy will take the reins. Not only that, they say 25% will expand their roles and responsibilities, while the rest will be relegated to other organisations. And top-performing firms will be searching for new CIOs next year.

“Arguably the most important outcome of 2019 is that leading CIOs will build a model that translates tech-led innovation into customer value.”

Interestingly, Forrester agrees that this would all require a business strategy that harnesses the value of a wide range of new technologies, and maximises the value and security of today’s environment. At AppCentrix we call this Understanding Now. We do this through a single, unified view of the entire ICT estate, and empower leaders to shape and move their organisation to deliver extraordinary results.

We have installed our services on more than 6,000 sites across 45 datacentres and gather more than a billion metrics a day for analysis and management insight. To learn more about how we do this, visit www.appcentrix.co.za or have one of our skilled consultants contact you by responding to this email.