Are you hearing discussions about ‘end-to-end’ decision making and the role of the CIO? Mature BI users are moving on to predictive analytics and more use of real-time data for high ROI use cases, such as real-time, individually targeted product recommendations and real-time individual performance dashboards, and it’s the top hot tech trend for 2019 according to CIO magazine (www.cio.com)

We’re seeing that where analytics has often not been allowed to be part of the full business picture, organisations are increasingly adopting a more holistic, end-to-end approach, not only because of the combination of operations with analytics, but also with more proactive and seamless approaches to converting user analysis into concrete actions. To enable change, there first needs to be better integration between analytics and traditional business-planning activities.

At AppCentrix we call this Understanding Now. We do this through a single, unified view of the entire ICT estate, and empower leaders to shape and move their organisation to deliver extraordinary results.

We have installed our services on more than 6,000 sites across 45 datacentres and gather more than a billion metrics a day for analysis and management insight. To learn more about how we do this, visit www.appcentrix.co.za or have one of our skilled consultants contact you by responding to this email.