The remote work environment is here to stay

It goes without saying that remote work is here to stay. We’ve spent a lot of time focusing on security risks in the remote work environment and they are escalating, day by day. BUT so is the need to operate seamlessly, at full capacity, while keeping the health and wellbeing of our teams, families, customers, and communities a top priority.

Spare a thought for your ITOps team, as they are most likely the team behind the scenes in all of this. We’d like to share some insights with you as to what we have seen unfold over the last month, specifically in the area of IT Operations. Here’s what our teams have been busy with:

  • Firewall health— monitoring CPU and memory capacity and providing insights into how to handle increased load to ensure firewalls are healthy and secure.
  • Network bandwidth—confirming ability to handle an anticipated load based on historical performance.
  • Active directory servers—ensuring active directory (and/or SSO) is healthy and that services on active directory are up and allowing proper authentication.
  • AWS and VMWare R&D environments – monitoring the load on these servers, network traffic, and build systems to ensure Development, Product, and Testing organisations remain productive.
  • Productivity checks – on office productivity tools such as O365 Log and historical performance checks on Cisco Phone and Collaboration systems to ensure Quality of Service as usage scales.
  • Cloud monitoring – ensuring health operations of cloud infrastructure on AWS, Azure, Google, and IBM Cloud

We’ve also found that upward executive communication and visibility of preparedness is vital. Having instant access to data and visuals of key metrics is invaluable. Apart from our daily drive towards security, it’s critical too that the IT Ops teams can:

  • Remotely monitor and ensure tools are accessible from anywhere in the world by key IT staff
  • Confirm capacity and bandwidth health and are able to action alerts
  • Trend performance and use data to anticipate growth levels
  • Manage license counts and potential cost impacts or risks of thresholds
  • See alerts on SSL Certs expirations to protect remote workers from disruption

Add to this the pressing need to defend extended attack surfaces caused by the extension of the remote work infrastructure, and your ITOps guy is the new superhero!

SmartICT identifies security problems, attacks and abnormal behaviours as they occur. Above all, we analyze over 4,500 metrics per device and >70 protocols. This rich set of data is processed via the ML algorithms to detect anomalies, attacks and threats (both known and unknown) while reducing false positives. The ML algorithms grow over time and you can freeze any new or unknown threats in their tracks.

We believe SmartICT is better prepared now more than ever to continue supporting and serving our customers during these challenging times. Let us know how we can help support your mission. These seemingly small interventions can make a massive impact on the higher demand that is being placed on IT infrastructure, collaboration tools, networks.