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The evolution of monitoring through AIOps for faster digital transformation

Early adopters of Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) are stealing the march on digital transformation. By using data to provide IT operations with actionable insights, leading companies are leveraging the most powerful trend of the decade – using real-time data to inform meaningful enterprise intelligence at speed.

This is the view of Tito Pereira, Chief Commercial Officer of AppCentrix, a South-African based managed services provider.

According to Pereira, with AIOps, companies gain deep topological mapping that discovers and then applies context to the requisite data for powering machine learning, artificial intelligence and, ultimately, the advanced automation needed to keep pace with the scope and speed of modern IT environments.

Indeed, by implementing AIOps in its clients, AppCentrix and its managed service SmartICT has seen a marked shift how they can for instance, bring order to the chaos of modern IT environments, so services remain uninterrupted at peak performance.

“This is an exciting additional capability that we have brought onto our platform that will enable our customers to find faster resolution, spot and react to issues in real time.”

AppCentrix was established in 2010 to help customers who had invested in prime technologies and weren’t seeing the anticipated returns. Although they were pouring effort, commitment and vision into implementing premium monitoring and analysis solutions, challenges with tools, technologies and skills prevented them from achieving reasonable return on investment, improved uptime or reduced meantime to repair (MTTR).

“By adopting AIOps and driving a maturity model, organisations are able to reap the benefits of understanding what is hidden and often goes unnoticed, or uncovered too late,” says Pereira.