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A recent Deloitte survey confirms that CIOs now have the opportunity to drive business strategy in a way that has not been possible before. The survey identified their biggest gap as the ability to influence internal stakeholders, manage talent in their teams and provide the company with technology vision and leadership.

With SmartICT, we enable our customers to mature their ICT organisations from Data, Information, and Knowledge to to drive new disruptive technologies into their business and increase revenue and profitability. Smart ICT looks at a customer environment holistically and provides real-time enterprise visibility and analytics that business management can utilise and interpret. The analytics provide insight into key business processes allowing business to optimise resources and improve revenue and customer satisfaction.


Read the full survey here


In this article:

  • CIOs identify analytics, business intelligenceand digital as the top three technologies that will affect their organisations over the next two years.
  • CIOs need to look out to the horizon, see what technologies are influencing their business and their industry, and spend time investing in those.
  • CIOs spend just 16% of their budgets on exploiting new technology, compared with 57% on operations, even though they regard innovation as more important.
  • Plus, compared to two years ago, the majority feel that their power and influence are increasing, and more believe they are trusted allies and partners of the CEO.

For further information on AppCentrix’s SmartICT and how it can help CIOs increase their strategic significance to organisations, please contact marcelle.dejager@appcentrix.co.za