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CIOs that take an active role in developing business strategy and facilitating company growth are paid the best, get more respect and are more likely to have the resources they need to address today’s biggest IT challenges, according to the CIO State of the CIO 2016 survey of 571 executives who are in charge of IT at their companies. 

What’s more, IT executives tend to be optimistic that their roles will eventually become more strategic.  The CIO role is no longer to just to reduce costs and downtime in operations but to drive new revenue.  With SmartICT you can address these challenges by starting with real time analytics and visibility. SmartICT enables CIOs, ICT management and businesses to gain real-time business analytics across their entire estate and mature their ICT organisation.

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In this article:

  • 46 percent of all CIOs report to the CEO – strategic CIOs are likely to be paid significantly more and are also significantly more likely to have a CEO as their boss.
  • Whether a CIO is transformational, functional or strategic is generally related to the role IT must play to execute the business strategy.
  • Security risks and recent high-profile data breaches, have focused public, investor and regulatory attention on inadequate cybersecurity as a financial and reputational risk and have driven the IT decision maker to become more functional than strategic.
  • Strategic CIOs are most likely to report that business initiatives to introduce digital revenue streams (30%), improve agility (32%), and improve the customer experience (49%) are driving IT investments.
  • The trend toward business leaders making more decisions about IT spending is accelerating faster than CIOs have anticipated, highlighting the need to collaborate more with their LOB counterparts.
  • CIOs who do not have strong partnerships with business leaders may have less influence over how IT is ultimately deployed.

For further information on AppCentrix’s SmartICT and how it can help CIOs increase their strategic significance to organisations, please contact marcelle.dejager@appcentrix.co.za