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Smart Centre


Contextualisation essential to understand risk.

SmartICT has enhanced its real-time mapping to contextualise business services to provide improved outcomes. A managed service from AppCentrix, SmartICT can dynamically discover, map and track infrastructure, application, and business service relationships across static and ephemeral workloads and applications – spanning data centres and clouds.

Instead of being overwhelmed by the data this could create, SmartICT auto-derives relationships for all internal and external IT infrastructure and is able to quickly pinpoint root cause and impact analysis. By doing this, SmartICT customers are able to accurately gauge infrastructure health, availability and performance – in real-time.

It’s not just at a data level. The enhanced contextualisation offered by SmartICT is now able to span across application components and the infrastructure they run on. This provides the IT department and decisionmakers with the health, availability, and risk of critical business services.

AppCentrix was established in 2010 to help customers who had invested in prime technologies and weren’t seeing the anticipated returns. Although they were pouring effort, commitment and vision into implementing premium monitoring and analysis solutions, challenges with tools, technologies and skills prevented them from achieving reasonable return on investment, improved uptime or reduced meantime to repair (MTTR).

For further information on AppCentrix’s SmartICT and how it can help CIOs, please contact marcelle.dejager@appcentrix.co.za